BIO (English)

She has written songs for Georg Benson and Randy Crawford. Has recorded back-up vocals for Celine Dion, Mary J. Blige, Jewel, and Joan Osborne. The New York scene treats her as "the next big thing" in music.

Now Audrey Martells has lined up her very first solo tour in Europe. Her repertoire is a blend of Jazz Standards and originals that sounds exactly like Audrey lives her life: strong, vulnerable, joyful. Although Martells spent the first seven years of her life in England, her accent is distinctly American. Her voice is powerful and agile at the same time, her style is steeped in soul, her rhythm anchored in the earthiness or her jamaican ancestry. The press puts her in the same realm as Erykah Badu and Tina Turner. "Songwriting so good it freaks me out," writes Frank Gutch (Angel Fire Online Music Review), before finishing with, "Way above fivestars even on a five star scale!"

BIO (German)

Sie hat Lieder für George Benson und Randy Crawford geschrieben. Für Celine Dion, Mary J. Blige, Jewel und Joan Osborne Back-up Vocals gesungen. Mit ihrer eigenen Band wird sie in der New Yorker Szene als "the next big thing" gehandelt.

Jetzt kommt Audrey Martells erstmals als Solo Künstlerin nach Europa. Sie präsentiert ein Repertoire an Jazz Standards und Eigenkompositionen, das so klingt wie diese Frau ihr Leben lebt: kraftvoll, verwundbar, lebensfroh. Obwohl Martells die ersten 7 Jahre ihres Lebens in England verbrachte, ist ihr Akzent glasklar amerikanisch. Ihre Stimme hat zugleich Power und Agilität, ihr Stil ist vom Soul engefärbt, ihr Rhythmus verankert in der Erdigkeit jamaikanischer Vorfahren.  Die Presse nennt Martells in einem Atemzug mit Erykah Badu und Tina Turner. "Songwriting so good it freaks me out," schreibt Frank Gutch (Angel Fire Online Music Review), und meint noch zum Abschluss: "Way above five stars even on a five star scale!"


Lokalkompass Duisburg:
Intermezzo Konzerte Duisburg, Nov 24th 2017
Intermezzo Konzerte Duisburg, Nov 24th 2017
Nuernberger Land: Burgthann,
Jazzkeller, Nov 25th, 2017
Unser Luebeck:
Live CV, Nov 27th, 2017
Neckar Chronik:
Dornstetten, Dec 3rd 2017
Schwaebische Zeitung
Stadtteather Lindau, Dec 9th, 2017

line up

Audrey Martells - vocals
Walter Fischbacher - keys wf.jpg
Petr Dvorsky - bass
Ulf Stricker - drums ulf.jpg

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technical rider, stage plan

Phishbacher Trio + vocals, technical rider

If we are on tour we most likely carry all of our backline ourselves, ALL WE NEED IS AN ELECTRICAL OUTLET. Please contact us at walter [at] walterfischbacher.com or SMS +1 347 993 3561 if there are any questions

Sound System:
Band requires a minimum 10 inputs from FOH desk
(prefer A&H, Soundcraft, Yamaha or Midas consoles)
Please include:
3 Dedicated monitor mixes
One Multi Effect processors cabable of Reverb
Four 12" or 15" 2-Way Monitor Wedges
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Input List:
(Mic preferences - EV/Shure/Sennheiser/AKG)
01) Kick Drum
02) Snare Drum
03) Left side overhead condensor
04) Right side overhead condensor
05) Bass mic
06) Bass DI
07) Keys left DI
08) Keys right DI
09) Voc mic

One acoustic grand piano (6' in length or more). If no piano is available: One 88 Key weighted action master keyboard (Roland RD 600/700, Yamaha SX90 or similar ) + keyboard stand
!!!PLEASE READ!!!: When on tour in Europe we will bring our own keyboard.

Bass Amplifier:
(1) GK combo or similar
!!!PLEASE READ!!!: When on tour in Europe we will bring our own bass amp

Drum Kit:
18" Bass drum
10" Tom Tom
12" Tom Tom
14" Snare drum
4 Cymbal stands (2 boom, 1 straight and Hi Hat)
kik drum pedal area rug Adjustable Drum Stool
Drummer will bring his own cymbals

!!!PLEASE READ!!!: When on tour in Europe we will bring our own drums set