Arta Jekabsone Quartet


Rising star Arta Jekabsone has won the prestigious Montreux Shure Jazz Voice Competition and has finished in the top three in multiple internationally renowned competitions. This year she added 3rd prize at the Annual Sarah Vaughan International Jazz Voice Competition to her long list of achievements. A New York City-based vocalist, her compositions are infused with the folk melodies of her homeland, Latvia. The music on her albums, “Light” and “Reflections”, brims with intimacy, warmth, and crystal-clear focus. A vocal artist of the highest order, Arta regularly presents new works at the Jazz Gallery, one of New York City’s premier venues. In fact, she was recently awarded the Jazz Gallery Residency Commission Grant 2021.

Her performance credits include festivals such as Montreux Jazz Festival, Enjoy Jazz Festival and Nikolaisaal Potsdam Jazz Festival.

Arta is excited to be teaming up with the renowned Walter Fischbacher trio, performing in Czech Republic and Austria for the very first time.



Rising Star Arta Jekabsone hat schon eine lange Liste an internationalen Wettbewerspreisen vorzuweisen, unter anderem  den ersten Platz beim Montreux Shure Jazz Voice Wettbewerb sowie 3. Preis beim Annual Sarah Vaughan International Jazz Voice Wettbewerb. Dazu kommen mehrere weitere Top 3 Platzierungen bei international anerkannten Wettbewerben. Die lättische Sängerin ist seit mehreren Jahre Wahl-New Yorkerin. Aber ihre Kompositionen sind durchzogen mit Volkslied Einflüssen aus ihrem Heimatland. Die Musik auf ihren Alben, „Light“ und „Reflections“, ist erfüllt mit Intimität, Wärme und glasklarem Fokus. Eine Vokalkünstlerin auf höchstem Niveau, präsentiert Arta regelmäßig neue Musik in der Jazz Gallery, einem der hochwertigsten Jazzclubs in New York. Tatsächlich wurde ihr in diesem Jahr die Jazz Gallery Residency Commission verliehen.

Sie war bereits bei Festivals wie dem Montreux Jazz Festival, Enjoy Jazz Festival und Nikolaisaal Potsdam Jazz Festival zu Gast.

Arta freut sich, zusammen mit dem renommierten Walter Fischbacher Trio erstmals in Tschechien und Österreich zu Gast zu sein.

line up

Arta Jekabsone - vocals
Walter Fischbacher - keys
Jan Korinek - bass
Joris Dudli - drums

  photos (please click on images to download high resolution files) 

Photo credit: Una Stade

Photo credit: Tatiana Gorilovsky

Photo credit: Jazz Kukko Festival

Photo credit: Berne Jazz Festival


technical rider, stage plan


Phishbacher Trio + vocals, technical rider

If we are on tour we most likely carry all of our backline ourselves, ALL WE NEED IS AN ELECTRICAL OUTLET and some stage lights. Please contact us at walter [at] or SMS +1 347 993 3561 if there are any questions

Sound System:
Band requires a minimum 10 inputs from FOH desk
(prefer A&H, Soundcraft, Yamaha or Midas consoles)
Please include:
3 Dedicated monitor mixes
One Multi Effect processors cabable of Reverb
Four 12" or 15" 2-Way Monitor Wedges
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Input List:
(Mic preferences - EV/Shure/Sennheiser/AKG)
01) Kick Drum
02) Snare Drum
03) Left side overhead condensor
04) Right side overhead condensor
05) Bass mic
06) Bass DI
07) Keys left DI
08) Keys right DI
09) Voc mic
10) Voc mic

One acoustic grand piano (6' in length or more). If no piano is available: One 88 Key weighted action master keyboard (Roland RD 600/700, Yamaha SX90 or similar ) + keyboard stand
!!!PLEASE READ!!!: When on tour in Europe we will bring our own keyboard.

Bass Amplifier:
(1) GK combo or similar
!!!PLEASE READ!!!: When on tour in Europe we will bring our own bass amp

Drum Kit:
18" Bass drum
10" Tom Tom
12" Tom Tom
14" Snare drum
4 Cymbal stands (2 boom, 1 straight and Hi Hat)
kik drum pedal area rug Adjustable Drum Stool
Drummer will bring his own cymbals

!!!PLEASE READ!!!: When on tour in Europe we will bring our own drums set